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Daniel Belluscio


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Most of Dr. Daniel Belluscio's medical career has been devoted to the study of the hCG method for weight loss and research in Integrative Medicine. He spent 12 years at Bellevue Klinik-Switzerland, an institution with the most impressive record of patients treated with hCG. He has travelled extensively, lecturing on the method in the United States, Sweden, Italy, Germany, Brazil, Mexico and Israel. In 1987, Dr. Belluscio founded the Oral hCG Research Center, an institution for the research of obesity and its comorbidities. Records show that the Center has used the oral hCG approach in 6,540 patients to date. In 1991, it developed a protocol for the oral administration of hCG, which has been shown to be effective in a series of double-blind studies. Together with Dr. Vogt, chief of Bellevue Klinik, he published several reports on the method for health professionals and articles on the subject for the general public. Medical qualifications of Dr. Daniel Belluscio. - Medical doctor graduated from the Faculty of Medicine of Buenos Aires (1974). - Specialist in internal medicine - Specialist in Bariatric Medicine - Researcher - Bellevue Klinik - Switzerland. - Researcher - Marbert Laboratories - Germany - Guest researcher-Planas Clinic-Barcelona-España - Visitor - University of Utrecht - The Netherlands - Visitor - Institute of Medicine II - Gothenburg - Sweden - Visitor - Serono Laboratories - Milan - Italy - Director: The Oral hCG Research Center ™ - Director - ISAUC (International Society for Alternative Uses of Human Choriogonadotropin)

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